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So, Now we've built you an amazing new website, what's next?

You will need a Host that performs to show off your new site Live on the Web! DesignMeStuff.com utilizes top of the line web hosting to keep your site at its finest 24 hours a day. Our rates are extremely competetive and are discounted per block of time purchased.

With our Hosting Services, You will receive multiple Custom E-Mail Addresses ex. ( you@yourcompany.com) , Linux FTP Client for faster upload. We also offer C.M.S. Hosting, where you can go into your website's back end to make changes, edit pictures and more any time you like for an additional monthly fee.



DesignMeStuff.com offers Full Analytics of your website through Google Analytics to Track just about anything you would like to know about your site's preformance! Our Website Analytics offer you 24 hour access to view your site's Organic and Non-Organic traffic, Demographics, Visitor Behavior, Traffic Sources, Sales Conversions and More!

Analytics are the Best way to find out whats going on with your website on a daily basis. This enables you to find out every detail about your site and its traffic, allowing you to strategically place things you want seen and to manage your Pay Per Click ads more effectively.

WEBSITE ANALYTICS is also included in Every S.E.O. package!



Because We Build and Host your Website, we are very familiar with it's inner workings. DesignMeStuff.com offers website maintenaince with all of our Website Hosting plans to give you piece of mind that your site will always be up and running.

We know that business can change at the drop of a hat, so in most cases, we can make MINOR changes to your website for little or no fee depending on the request. If your changes are more entailed, we offer our website clients discounted rates for such changes as Additional Pages, Additional Content or Picture additions, Additional Slideshows or Movies and other Website altering content.



DesignMeStuff.com is now offering E-mail Marketing campaigns, sure to keep your current and prospective clients in the know to all that you have going on. E Mail Marketing is a Great and inexpensive way to inform your Clients about upcoming Sales, Events, Promotions and More!

Show your Clients that YOU are the expert by offering a piece of advice in each newsletter or email. This will not only retain your clients trust in your services or products, but will also keep them coming to you for suggestions or problem solving!

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